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Investors and Private clients

As investor and private client lawyers we have foresight and a deep understanding of the clients need for corporate commercial, taxation, wealth and inheritance, real estate, banking and finance advice.

We advise and offer tailored solutions to investors and private clients to ensure they protect their investments and mitigate their risks.

We have had extensive experience with investors in a range of sectors and industries including, real estate/ property portfolios, Health Care, Food and Beverage, Technology and Energy.

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In-house legal counsel

We understand the workload pressures that legal counsel’s face when trying to juggle a multitude of high- level strategic tasks. Often handling, licensing issues, corporate set ups, drafting corporate resolutions and agreements, attestation and notarization in addition to their daily work can be an administrative burden.

We support legal counsel with the corporate secretarial work so that they have more time to focus on the high-level tasks.

We also advice in-house with the most up to date knowledge on the laws locally and regionally so they can make informed legal decisions. Every in -house legal needs the support of a reliable and trusted law firm who can be an extension of their team.

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Multinational Companies

Our extensive experience working with Multinationals means that we understand the needs and requirements that Multinationals have in doing business in in the UAE and GCC.

We are very aware of the compliance and regulatory requirements and ensure that our advice is tailored to support the GM/CEO or MD who is responsible to make executive decisions on behalf of the Company.

Our region- specific knowledge and team of experts with cross jurisdictional experience allows us to be one of the most trusted firms in the UAE and abroad. From set up, acquisitions, expansion or dissolution we have experienced it all.

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SME’s and Startups

The UAE is proving to be a ripe and fertile market for Tech start up’s and SME’s. Incentivized by many private funds and government initiatives tech start-ups and SME’s are choosing to set up in the UAE.

The regulatory landscape still relatively immature in the areas of tech, media and telecommunications makes it imperative to have a law firm on your side who understands the market and the client and mitigates risk at minimal cost!

That’s why we have uniquely developed “Law in a Box” for start-ups and SME’s to equip themselves with a legal tool kit to protect their interests in discussions with their co-founders, investors and clients

Women in Business

As a majority female law firm, we are passionate about supporting women in business and providing them with legal advice to support them make informed decisions.

We have worked with women from all cultures, ages and disciplines and understand the needs of women who are often juggling entrepreneurship and family.

In a competitive business market, women who have the support of other women in professional capacities can exponentially grow and build successful businesses.

Legal Circle is committed to being part of that growth and it is one of our goals and mission to become UAE and GCC’s preferred law firm for Women in Business!

If you are a woman in business contact us today to find out how we can help.

International law firms with cross jurisdictional clients

Our extensive knowledge and experience in both UAE and international laws enables us to provide accurate and regional specific advice that is instrumental in meeting the needs of cross-jurisdictional clients.

We act in many cross-jurisdictional matters on behalf of international firms and lawyers of the highest standard. We support international law firms to understand the local nuances and find solutions for their clients to facilitate their business needs.

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